How It Works

Free Instant Quote

This easy to use tool will provide you with an estimated cost for your service request.
With this calculator, aimed at giving you a rough idea* of your expected Towing service costs.

The calculation of your cost is charge between $50 to $125 for a five or ten-mile local tow, or a $75 hook-up fee and $2 to $4 per mile for long-distance towing.



. This is not meant to be an accurate quoting system. There are too many factors influencing individual service request costs. This is simply a tool to give you an estimation. .

Become Towing Partner

Looking to expand your Towing business, increase your revenue, or introduce your service & solutions to the towing service industry?

Join Mechmobil Towing business partner today and help us transform how field and on-site service and business in general is done. We are looking to change (and improve) the way service businesses operate and we need help from the best and brightest businesses around to help us achieve our goals. What's in it for you? Working with Mechmobil will help your business to expand into new territories, increase revenues, and work with our dedicated to providing first-rate service and excellent support team.

What to Expect

• A dedicated support team readily available to offer service-related assistance.
• A personalized team of product support technicians to assist with any product questions.
• Resources webpage providing easy access to marketing materials (photos, literature, etc.).
• A team of marketers producing cooperative marketing efforts (advertising, mailing, etc.).
• A regular newsletter containing a variety of exclusive partner-related information.

How to Use Towing Service

Please log into your account dashboard. Once your account is activated. Follow the instruction according your service requriement.

User Account Activation

After registering, you will receive an activation email at the email address you entered during registration. Select the link in the email to activate your account.

If you do not see the activation email in your email inbox see, please contact our support team.

After you create and activate your account, if you want to modify your account information, reset your password, or link or unlink accounts, go to the Account Dashboard page.

Partners Account Activation

To apply for a Mechmobil Partner account, you need to register and request the activation of your account. You need to provide information that will help us verify the business and identity of the individuals involved in your business. Until your application is approved, you will see on your Dashboard that displays “Your account is currently in demo mode” or “Your account is currently under evaluation”, depending on the status of your application.

All application fields are mandatory. It will take you about 5–10 minutes to complete the form. In case you don’t have all the information at hand, you can always save the application and continue at a later stage. Make sure that you have the following documents ready to upload during the application process:

• A company registration document (chamber of commerce extract or articles of incorporation) • A valid passport or official identity card (not a driver’s license) of the person signing the contract and of shareholders who, directly or indirectly, have 10% or more of the shares or voting rights.

Account details

Tell us about your company. The information you provide below will help us to verify and understand your business.
• Let us know what the legal structure of your business is by selecting one of the applicable business types.
o Individual or Sole proprietorship – you own an unincorporated business and you are the only person responsible and liable for all your company’s profit and debts
o Partnership – your company’s profit and debts are owned and/or shared by two or more individuals
o Private corporation – your company’s shares are not publicly traded and are held by a small number of stockholders (shareholders)
o Public Corporation – your company’s shares are publicly traded and are held by a large number of stockholders (shareholders)
o Nonprofit Corporation – your company serves the public interest and runs charitable activities or is raising funds from the public
• Enter your tax/VAT registration number – The Tax or Value Added Tax number (VAT) is issued by the Tax Office at the moment of registration of the business. You can provide your Tax or Employer Identification Number, or, in case you use your Social Security Number for business tax purposes, you can provide that instead
• Enter the date your business was established
• Enter your company address – this cannot be from a Virtual Box or a P.O. Box
• Enter the business legal name – This must be the official registered name of your company. 2Checkout will verify if the tax ID provided matches the exact legal business name, so make sure it is correct
• Add the business owner's phone number - customer happiness is our #1 priority. In the unlikely event that we need to contact you, a phone number is our preferred alternative to email. 2Checkout will not spam you.

Ownership details

To be compliant with financial regulations and anti-money-laundering laws, 2Checkout is required to know the identity of individuals who substantially control or own your company. Tell us about yourself and any beneficiary having 10% or more voting rights, shares or other direct or indirect control in your company.
• Enter your legal first and last names
• Enter your birthdate
• Enter your social security number – this will be used for identity verification.
• Enter your full address
• Upload documents that prove your identity – you need to upload a copy for each of the below document types:
o Valid government-issued ID (both front and back side images)
o Valid address proof, such as electricity bill, telephone bill (no older than 2 months from the date when you upload the scanned copies).
• Let us know if you are the sole owner of the business. If not, enter your ownership share, together with information regarding the other owners and their respective legal information.

Payout Details

Select the payout method you would like 2Checkout to use for issuing your transfers. These are the possible values:
• Wire Transfer – requires bank information such as bank name, city, currency and bank account number
• Electronic Funds Transfer – requires bank information such as bank name, city, currency, IBAN, Swift and Bank routing number
• PayPal – requires a payout currency and PayPal address
• Payoneer – requires a payout currency and a Payoneer ID. Get a Payoneer ID

Upload business documents

Upload at least one copy for each document type listed below:
• Company ownership documents (such as articles of incorporation or organization, showing beneficial ownership)
• Tax identification documents
o Europe – TIN or other relevant documentation
o US – SSN/TIN/PTIN or other relevant documentation
• Government-issued ID such as the passport or national identity card (front and backside)
• Valid Address Proof – address of principal place of business/headquarters
You can also upload any other valid and relevant documents that can prove your identity and offer proof of ownership for your company.

Towing Partner List of Insurance Requirements

• Comprehensive General and Automobile Liability insurance, including Contractual Liability insurance for property damage or a minimum combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage of $300,000 per occurrence

• Garage Keepers' Legal Liability or Garage Keeper's Liability insurance (including, but not limited to “On-Hook” Liability insurance) with a minimum limit of $50,000 (only applicable to Partners who will also provide towing and storage services).

• Instruct your insurance carriers to list Mechmobil, Inc. as a Certificate Holder on the certificate. This certificate of insurance should show the following:
Mechmobil, Inc.
75 Broadway Ste: 202
San Francisco, CA 94111

Review Process

After filling in your information, you can submit the application for review. If there are any empty fields, the application will return an error. Once submitted, the 2Checkout's underwriting team will review your application right away and will get in touch with you, in case additional details are needed or notify you about the resolution. If additional information is required:
• You will receive an email notification
• The third step on your Dashboard will display the message “Your attention is needed – Some details in your activation request need your attention”
• You can update your request and provide the additional information requested by the 2Checkout's underwriting team

Sign the contract and go live!

By submitting the application for review you will also acknowledge and accept the Terms and Conditions and Services Agreement that will become your binding contract as soon as the application is approved by the 2Checkout's underwriting team.

Once your application is approved, your account is live and can be used for real transactions. 2Checkout strongly recommends that you test your integration one last time before you publish your buying links and start processing live payments. Your Dashboard will continue to display sample data until you register your first real transaction.