Independent Business Partner Application

Independent Business Partners Application Terms and Condition

Last updated on November 1, 2019

This application process, mechmobil General Services will pre-qualify Service/Towing/Collusion Center and Suppliers partners who will provide repairs/maintenance and services to mechmobil. a) Pre-qualification does not guarantee that you/your firm will be solicited or awarded any particular contract. As the need for service arises, selection of independentbusiness partners to perform the service shall be made impartially on the basis of the service request orders, the vehicle’s location, and the service required for the vehicle. When possible, selection shall be made to gain the most cost-effective service available.

a) Have a facility, equipment, parts-and-supply inventory, technical personnel and service management of a caliber suitable for fleet maintenance of commercial size clients. (Minimum of one ASE certified technician preferred)
b) Have a record of being in business for the past three consecutive years or longer.
c) Have certification as an official FL. State inspection station if you select inspection and emissions.
d) Have the resources and expertise to perform the following services relative to customer`s vehicles.
1. Routine and preventative maintenance.
2. Common and major repairs
3. Diagnostic work
e) Use new parts for all maintenance and repair unless approved by anmechmobil Customer Service Representative.
1. Guarantee new parts for a minimum of 90 days against defects in materials and workmanship or as covered by any manufacturer or distributor warranty.